Can’t Get Anything Done on Friday Afternoon? You’re Not Alone

It arrives predictably each week, draining motivation from workers across industries. Although plummeting productivity on a Friday afternoon is normal, it’s not inevitable, says Billy Roberts, a therapist based in Columbus, Ohio, who treats professionals with ADHD. “The slump is sometimes a result of chronic work stress and a lack of self-care throughout the week,” and can also be triggered by anticipation of the weekend, he says. By identifying what’s contributing to your Friday energy dips, you can better power through, Roberts says.

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We Narrowed it Down, and Here Are The Best Essential Oils for Wrinkles and Anti-Aging

There’s an essential oil to tackle just about every health issue, so it’s hardly shocking to know that essential oils can help with wrinkles and anti-aging, too. And, if you prefer to keep your skincare routine all-natural, this is definitely an avenue worth pursing.

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3 Women Entrepreneurs on What Inspired Them to Stay in Business

It can be a rough road for women entrepreneurs, but connecting with your why—the reason you started your company in the first place—can help keep you in business.

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Brian R. Johnson Podcast

Brian Johnson is a Texas-based advertising strategist, brand architect and e-commerce geek. He has served as a leader in online advertising and conversion rate strategy for nearly two decades. A trusted partner to tens of thousands of brands across the globe, Brian’s work has earned him a reputation as a disruptive force in a world brimming with new and interesting challenges.

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Why Does My Baby Have a Conehead?

It’s common knowledge that newborns have soft spots called fontanels in their heads, but did you know your infant’s skull plates are flexible? During delivery, these bones shift to help the baby fit through the cervical opening and narrow birth canal.

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Immunity: Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

ELDERBERRY SYRUP IS ONE of those old-fashioned remedies your great-great-grandmother might have used to fight a cold or flu. But the potential immune health benefits of elderberry syrup are still embraced by many in today’s world of modern medicine. “There’s wisdom in the natural world, and my preference is using plant medicine in lieu of pharmaceuticals when there’s little or no risk. Elderberry is one I feel good about because it’s been used for so long and in so many different cultures,” says Dr. Julia Getzelman, a San Francisco pediatrician.

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The Three Main Electrolytes and Why You Need Them

Electrolytes occur naturally in the human body. These electrically charged minerals and compounds become ions once in liquid, allowing them to facilitate the movement of electrical energy in the body. Electrolytes hydrate the body, balance blood acid levels, rebuild damaged tissue, and regulate nerve and muscle function.

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Patriot Coolers Review

From the tailgate to the campsite one thing remains the same, the need for a quality cooler. There are plenty of brands floating around on the market, but today we check out one that makes you feel like an American: the Patriot Cooler!


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5 Powerhouse Essential Oils That Aren’t Lavender or Tea Tree

Moments after touting the miraculous impact of tea tree oil on my social media page for a particularly nasty canker sore, my phone lit up with a notification. It was a good friend of mine, one who always takes pride in being up-to-date on everything healthy living. “I hate to tell you this,” the message read, “but there’s some evidence that tea tree and lavender oil could be really bad for you.”

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Goodwill robots will now confirm if that secondhand Gucci bag is real

The second season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta featured a memorable middle-school flashback episode revolving around a possibly fake Fubu shirt. Now, Goodwill is enlisting artificial intelligence to try to make sure that every luxury item sold in its online stores is authentic.

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Farfetch bets on sneakers with $250M Stadium Goods acquisition

The lines between streetwear and luxury fashion have blurred in recent years, especially as excitement around sneaker brands like Yeezy and Off-White has soared.


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Booking Startup Stayker Makes Room Blocks Less Risky for Planners

Booking room blocks carries a high risk for event planners, leaving them liable for the cost of the rooms if they are not ultimately filled.

It has gotten so bad that group booking overall is on the decline, and has been for nearly a year.

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Sherpa Chai Announces Triple Digital Sales Growth

Lafayette, Colo. Sherpa Chai of Boulder, Colorado, the maker of specialty chai concentrates, reported unprecedented sales growth across the grocery channel.  Famous with chai/tea lovers across the United States, Sherpa Chai experienced triple-digit dollar sales growth (+122.8%) in the latest quarterly reporting of data through Q3, propelling the popular brand into a top growth spot within the shelf-stable tea concentrates category nationally – outperforming brands like TAZO, Arizona, and Lipton by leaps and bounds.

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These Are the Best Essential Oils on Amazon—and They're All $10 and Under

The power of essential oils is real. We’ve talked about the benefits and uses for them before, but where do you even start when choosing which ones to buy? There are so many out there, so we’ve made a list of our favorites to purchase on Amazon below. Why Amazon? Because whether you live in a big city or in a rural area, chances are you can order something from the mega-retailer and get it delivered quickly in just a few clicks.

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Goodwill Is Getting Into the Luxury Authentication Game

If you’re buying luxury accessories secondhand, you want to be sure you’re getting the real deal — and now Goodwill wants to make sure you are, thanks to new authentication tools.

The Orange County, Calif.-based nonprofit, which supports programs like job training and professional certifications for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment, is partnering with the AI-powered authentication solution Entrupy to enable workers in 125 Goodwill agencies across the country to establish luxury donations as genuine on the spot before listing them online.


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Algunos sitios para comer y disfrutar de los deportes en Miami

Las alitas de pollo, las hamburguesas y la cerveza son solo unos pocos bocadillos básicos del día de juego que los fanáticos de los deportes disfrutan. Pero ¿qué hace que un restaurante sea perfecto para el día del partido para ordenar comida o ir a comer algunos platillos?

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5 Best Essential Oil Blends to Naturally Soothe You to Sleep

Everyday stressors and endless to-do lists can make a good night’s sleep hard to come by. If you struggle to turn off your thoughts and relax at night, a new bedtime routine could be a simple solution to your sleeping troubles. Establishing a nightly ritual helps signal your brain that it’s time for sleep, and essential oils can make that routine even more effective.

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